Flo Dauner

Since 1993, Flo Dauner has been the drummer of the hip-hop band Die Fantastischen Vier, one of the most successful German acts of all time. In addition, Flo has been performing with DJ Paul van Dyk since 2006, who won the title “best DJ in the world” multiple times. Furthermore, Dauner was the drummer for Europe’s most successful music TV show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” for 5 consecutive years and is currently performing in the new successful TV show “The Voice of Germany”.

Born in Stuttgart, Flo played his first public concert at the age of 9 and recorded his first album as a teenager. Turning 18, he moved from Stuttgart to Berlin to work as a live and studio drummer. Two years later he went to Boston to study percussion and composition at the Berklee College of Music. The continuous work with national and international music stars made Dauner one of the most sought after drummers in Germany. Over the years, Dauner worked with more than 200 artists, played on over 100 albums and numerous DVDs, has won several awards, has played and still plays concerts all over the world. Flo’s trademark is his precise and transparent drumming style full of creativity and great musicality.

Date of birth
January 3rd 1971

Place of birth
Stuttgart, Germany

Starclassic Bubinga
Iron Cobra Power Glide bass drum pedal
Iron Cobra Lever Glide hi-Hat stand

Musical styles
Pop, Hip-Hop

Die Fantastischen Vier, Paul van Dyk, The Voice of Germany