Sebastian Lanser

Sebastian Lanser is the drummer of the Munich-based jazz metal band Panzerballett, which has released four albums and a live DVD since its foundation in 2004. Sebastian grew up in Salzburg, Austria, and started playing drums at the age of 5. He studied percussion (second subject: piano) at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz where he graduated with honors and has since become an internationally sought-after drummer who stands out due to his versatility.

He also gained a lot of experience in the field of workshops and clinics. Sebastian has played at events like the Karlsruhe Drum Days, the Dresden Drum Festival and also the Extreme Drummers Universe Festival (subject: “Polyrhythms and odd meters”). Along with fellow TAMA artist Hannes Grossmann, Sebastian is doing several clinics unter the moniker “Drum Illuminati”, in which the duo focuses on double bass and contemporary heavy drumming.

Date of birth
August 9th 1983

Place of birth
Salzburg, Austria

Starclassic Maple and Bubinga
S.L.P. Power Maple snare drum
Starphonic Aluminum snare drum
Speedcobra bass drum and hi-hat pedals

Musical Styles
Jazz, Metal

Panzerballett, Drum Illuminati (with Hannes Grossmann)