Specki T.D.

Florian Speckardt’s aka Specki T.D.’s drumming career begins early when he is given his first snare drum at the age of 3. He starts practicing diligently and consistently, starts to take lessons a few years later, plays his first live-gigs at the age of 9, wins newcomer competitions and starts to study at the Munich-based music school “drummer’s focus” at the age of 17. He hosts his first drum clinics and becomes a teacher himself. Being on tour in the US with rock musician Jackson Browne, Florian receives his nickname “Specki T.D.” and decides to become a professional drummer.

In 1997, Specki joins Germany’s leading ska band Skaos at the age of 18. Five years later, he also joins the Dresden-based folk-rock band Letzte Instanz. After eight years, three albums, a Live-DVD/CD, several tours and appearances at all the major European open-air festivals with Letzte Instanz, Specki switches to In Extremo in 2010. With his immense experience in both live and studio drumming, he is a great addition to the artist roster of the festival.

Date of birth
April 25th 1979

Place of birth
Landsberg am Lech, Germany

Starclassic Bubinga
Starphonic Bubinga snare drum
Starclassic Maple snare drum
Bill Bruford Signature snare drum
Iron Cobra Power Glide Twin Pedal
Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat Stand

Musical Styles
Rock, Metal

In Extremo